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Octasic TXP1200 High Density Video Transcoding Card


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Octasic TXP1200 High Density Video Transcoding Card

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Octasic TXP1200 High Density Video Transcoding Card

The TXP1000 family of PCIe plug-in cards are designed to provide direct offload of host CPUs for high channel density video and voice transcoding applications.

The TXP1000 cards use Octasic’s Vocallo MGW (DSPs) Digital Signal Processors and media processing software stack to provide an easy to use and very low power accelerator card in a PCI Express form factor. Well within the 25Watt power budget of a PCIe x1 link, the TXP1000 cards provide the highest density H.264, MPEG4, H.263 video codec, and G711, G729, AMR voice codec transcoding density per watt in the industry.

Furthermore, the standard functionality is also extended to provide video and voice quality processing features such as video packet loss concealment, scaling, mixing " " keying, as well as voice echo cancellation and adaptive noise reduction.

TXP1000 cards can be used for any scalable media transcoding, web to mobile, IVVR (Interactive Voice " " Video Response) and IP based voiceand video telephony gateway systems. The use of an industry recognized form factor and an IP based host API and communications stack, means that TXP1000 cards can be easily added to existing systems to drastically increase channel density and efficiency.

Features " " Benefits

Features Benefits
-Channel density scalability:
67-335 video channels
484-2420 voice channels
-Allows TXP1000 customers to easily scale solutions within a given system footprint and achieve very high channel densities
-Octasic''s low power Vocallo MGW processors -Enables Systems to scale without being restricted by difficult to manage increases in power consumption and heat dissipation.
-Wide range of media processing functionality: all common video " " voice codecs are provided and supported by a library of signal quality enhancement algorithms -Ensure that systems using TXP1000 cards deliver the all common video and voice formats whilst maintaining the highest levels of signal quality
-IP based host API for real time data and control plane processing. -Simplifies new system develipment and upgrafes to existing systems using either direct offlead or bump-in-the-wire topologies

Technology Overview

TXP1000 cards are built using Octasic’s award winning Vocallo MGW multi-core DSP. Vocallo MGW is based on an array of Octasic’s Opus DSP cores; a unique asynchronous architecture that provides the highest levels of performance per watt in the industry.

For high channel density transcoding applications that are based on standard x86 architectures, power and efficiency soon become the primary issue when trying to scale systems.TXP1000 cards can yield a real 10x channel density gain when deployed as an x86 offload solution. Or, if simple power reduction is the goal, just using a single TXP1000 card can save 90+ watts when compared to a standard x86 based implementation.

* Actual channel density may vary slightly based on specific system level use conditions and the specific of the software release being used.

System Overview

To get started with simple system design planning, the following diagram shows the basic system processing topology when using a TXP1000 card. Control and data is sent to and from a TXP1000 card via a non-blocking packet API. The API provides system level access to all the media processing functions that come as standard with the Vocallo MGW firmware load.

Technical Specifications

  • Form Factor  PCi express x1  
  • Power supplies  Power over PCie  
  • Power Consumption  1.6a @ 12v, 1.5a @ 3.3v (max  consumption for a TXP1250)  
  • Physical Connections  2x ethernet (via rear i/O); PCi express x1  
  • network interface  2x 1000/100Base T  
  • Host interface  PCi express x1 v1.1(via iP based aPi)  
  • Chipset Details  Vocallo MGW: OCT1010;  Broadcom BCM5723  
  • Video resources  >400 uni-directional transcoding instances  
  • Voice resources  >2400 uni-directional transcoding instances  
  • Operating system support  Windows XP; Winserver 2003; Linux (contact Octasic for distribution details)  


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Octasic TXP1200 High Density Video Transcoding Card

Octasic TXP1200 High Density Video Transcoding Card

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