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Lifesize Icon 700 Conferencing Bundle


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Lifesize Icon 700 Conferencing Bundle

The Lifesize Icon 700 is the first product by Lifesize that offer 4K image quality, with HD content sharing,

Lifesize Icon 700 Conferencing Bundle Overview

 The Lifesize Icon 700 is the "first and only" 4K end-to-end video conferencing solution in the world! The Lifesize Icon 700 offers 4K superior image quality, HD content sharing, superior audio quality, and a powerful zoom, creating the ideal conferencing experience. The Lifesize Icon 700 delivers extraordinary communication and collaboration like never before, giving you the ability to seamlessly connect for a conversation or conduct a high-profile meeting. 

Lifesize Icon 700 Features

  • Stunning 4K video quality
  • 4K content sharing
  • Easy set-up and configuration
  • superior audio quality via ultra-wideband Opus audio
  • Powerful 20x zoom and rich camera optics


The Lifesize Icon 700 Bundle Solution Includes:

Icon 700 codec with integrated 20x zoom PTZ camera(Comes with remote)

PhoneHD (Click here to view the Lifesize Phone HD)

power supply

2 Ethernet cables

3 HDMI cables


REQUIRED: Lifesize Device Software Subscription (Option 1 - 5 years)


Lifesize Device Software Subscription (DSS) Includes: 

  • Help Desk Support via Phone, Email, Live chat, Web, and access to Lifesize Community.
  • Automatic Software Updates with access to the latest software updates and enhancements.
  • Pairing to Lifesize Service, including centralized device management, NAT/firewall traversal, Point-to-point calling.
  • Expedited shipment of a product replacement should an incident require it.


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Lifesize Icon 700 Conferencing Bundle

Lifesize Icon 700 Conferencing Bundle


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