List of products by manufacturer Media5

Media5 has a long history of technical innovation. Founded in 1992, our global R&D investments have continued to produce a stream of award-winning products and technologies that has enabled us to broaden our market presence throughout the world and allowed us to serve our global customers.

Media5 originally specialized in audio processing and developed the technology for the well-known Audiotrix sound card and later licensed and integrated into the Yamaha sound chip . In 1997, Media5 entered the IP Telephony market and were one of the first companies to launch a VoIP adaptor that allowed an analog phone or fax to be connected to an IP network. Our VoIP expertise went on to deliver the Mediatrix family of VoIP ATAs Gateways,SBC and now includes a suite of voice and video mobility solutions and the M5T family of secure SIP-based solutions for the telecommunications marketplace.


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