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About Invoxia

Invoxia is one of the newest VoIP solutions company, offering the latest and greatest in BYOD VoIP Solutions.

Located in France, Invoxia's goal is to ", devleop, produce, and market telecommunications products which offer the user a simplified experience and improved comfort."

Invoxia's products:

  • Provide excellence in BYOD compatible desktop and conferencing units

  • Provide unique telephony features.

  • Fully in line with contemporary communication demands

  • A great solution for SMB and Enterprise customers

Why buy Invoxia?

Invoxia is an excellent choice because:

  • They provide VoIP phones that can be operated via any Apple or Android Device

  • Invoxia's innovative products lower communication costs, meet BYOD demands, and enhance productivity.

**NOTE: All Invoxia's product can buy from ZLINK - Invoxia's distributors

Invoxia NVX 620

The Invoxia NVX620 is a VoIP Phone that you are able to dock both your iPhone and Android devices on to use as the...

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Invoxia NVX 220

The Invoxia NVX 220 is a desktop phone that uses Apple and Android devices as a user interface. Read More

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