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Everyone knows the name AT&T, which stands for American Telephone & Telegraph, probably because their home phone or their cell phone is made by AT&T. Maybe AT&T is their long distance carrier. If you have had an AT&T home phone you know that the hardware is built to last and it is easy to use. This user-friendly and durable design is what has kept AT&T in business since 1885.

The AT&T Synapse Phone System is a hybrid system for small businesses who currently have PSTN lines or a single T1/PRI line coming into their building who want to use the features of VoIP but are not ready to take the leap into hosted VoIP or SIP Trunking yet. For a fraction of the investment of a full conversion to VoIP Telephony, small business can install an AT&T Small business phone system with their existing LAN infrastructure and Public telephone lines and easily access Day, Night, and lunch auto attendant features, group or individual voicemails, Ring groups, Call forwarding, and more. The AT&T Small business system allows up to 100 handsets to be attached to the system, as long as they are all on the same LAN, and up to 39 outside lines for connectivity via PSNT or T1/PRI. The system is basic enough that most small businesses with basic LAN knowledge can install it themselves, or let VoIP Supply install your AT&T Small Business Phone System through DEPLOY !

As of Synapse v2.0 release (Feb 2011) Synapse systems can now be run 100% VoIP using SIP Trunking. With the Synapse SIP gateway, you can connect your Synapse small business phone system to your VoIP Service Provider (VSP) and support up to 16 SIP Channels.

The AT&T Synapse Small Business Phone System is a proprietary system. It consists of an AT&T PSTN, T1 Gateway, or SIP gateway, AT&T ATA's (if needed), and AT&T VoIP phones. Stacking up to 4 PSTN gateways and 1 T1/PRI Gateway, a business can have up to 39 lines coming into the building including DID through the T1 Gateway. Each PSTN gateway will support up to 4 PSTN lines with 1 line for failover. The Synapse SIP gateway will support up to 16 concurrent SIP sessions and it can be stacked with the PSTN or T1 Gateway for further flexibility..

You cannot use 3rd party gateways, phones, or ATA's in this system. You cannot use AT&T's Gateways, phones, ATA's, or headsets in any other system. They will not work!

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