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Since 2010, 1st of December ROHDE&SCHWARZ TOPEX is a subsidiary of ROHDE&SCHWARZ.

The two cultures (ROHDE&SCHWARZ and TOPEX) have already been entering in contact and the interaction process brings greater efficiency and growth potential with the result in strengthening the ATC market position of both companies.

TOPEX had over 10 years experience in developing and implementing professional ATC solutions and over five years in IP - VCS (Voice Communication Systems).

Taking advantages of ROHDE&SCHWARZ’s knowledge and its worldwide presence in ATC market and ROHDE&SCHWARZ TOPEX’s ATC expertise, the common resources are now directed to those markets that offer perspectives for better approach to ATC market.

Founded in 1990 and with more than 10 years of market success TOPEX has built a solid name in the telecommunication field, relying on both the product quality, and on innovation & diversity; values that have accompanied company, since its foundation. In competing against its rivals, TOPEX was relied mainly on speed and flexibility.

An engineering company with 145 employees (December 2012) and more than 40 employees in R&D department, TOPEX regarded people as the most important asset in its business.

Motivated, efficient, qualified and empowered employees are the foundation for the company’s success. During its existence management commitment and staff motivation also contributed to the firm’s sustainable achievements.

Providing an enjoyable workplace where people can express their ideas and develop their potential was considered the most important aspect used to develop the TOPEX’s innovative culture.

The company encouraged togetherness and this developed a sense of belonging to a big family, important because it was people`s motivation that contribute to the firm`s sustainable achievement, and necessary way for its success.

In order to achieve effective and flawless manufacturing of its products ROHDE&SCHWARZ TOPEX has organized complete production facility in Europe. The company has proven the quality of its resources being permanently present in the most important markets on Europe. It delivers its products worldwide through a global distributors and partners network.


S.C. ROHDE&SCHWARZ TOPEX S.A. is a two-tier managed company

Trade Registry Reg. No.: J40/21109/1994

Fiscal Registration Code: RO 6502278

Capital Share: 240000 RON

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