Mairdi contact center headset MRD-308DS, Double earpiece, gooseneck Mic boom Maximize

Mairdi contact center headset MRD-308DS, Double earpiece, gooseneck Mic boom

Mairdi contact center headset MRD-308DS, Double earpiece, gooseneck Mic boom

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Double earpiece ideal for dedicated communicating
International standard hearing protection to your ears
Noise cancelling microphone screens out background noises
Anti-static shock speaker ensures hearing protection
Gooseneck microphone boom offers multiple adjustment and accurate position
Click-stop headband for different head sizes and comfortable wearing
Leatherette ear cushion for all-day comfort

Accessories Options:
*Foam or protein leatherette ear cushion
*Multiple connecter choices: RJ9 plug, 2.5mm, 3.5mm stereo plug, USB2.0 plug
*M-volume controller (with Mic Mute) is optional
*Two kinds of standard QD plugs: G-QD or P-QD

Structure Features:
*Light weight design
*Superb receiver audio quality
*Excellent noise cancellation
*Anti acoustic shock circuit
*330°rotatable microphone arm
*180°rotatable joint of speaker and headband
*60mm adjustable pliable steel headband
*Quick disconnect for leaving desk without taking headset off

IP Phone compatible list:

3COM 3102 and3COM 3103 Telephones
Aastra Phones Models: 390,470,480e, 480i, 53i, 55i, 57i, 57iCT, 6725i,6753i, 6755i,6757i,8004,8009,8314,8324,9009,9216 9112i, 9133i, 9143i,9316 cw,9417cw,9480i

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Alcatel 4028, 4029, 4038, 4039 &4068 IP Phone

AltiGen Phone Models:500, 510, 600, 705, 710


AT&T, Avaya, Lucent"Merlin Magix" Models 4424LD+,4424D+,4412D+, 4406D+

Avaya IP Phones: 1408, 1416, 1603,2400,2410,2420,4610, 4620, 4621,4622,4624,4625,4626, 4630, 5410,5420,5601,5602,
5610, 5620, 5621,5625,6210,6408,6408+,6408D+,6211,6218,6219,6220,6221,6402,6402D,6410D+M,6414,6416,6416D+M,6424,
6424D+,8101,8102,8110,8400,8403,8405,8406,8410,8434D,X,8503,8510,8520,8528T,9404,9406,9408,9410,9504, 9508

Avaya 96 &16 Series IP Models:9601, 9608, 9610, 9611, 9611G,9620, 9630, 9640, 9650, 9670,1608 and 1616

3616IP,3626IP,3641IP,3645IP,3810 Wireless phone4027,4070,4075 DECT

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Cisco Unified IP Phones (noheadset jack): 7902(G), 7905(G), 7906(G), 7910(G), 7911(G) & 7912(G)

Digium D40,Digium D50,Digium D70

Dlink DPH-150S

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48-Key IP Feature Phone and
48-Key Digital Feature Phone

Fanvil C68 ,C66,C62, C58P,C58,X3/X3G,X5/X5G,C01

GE Model 2-9451

Gigaset: Gigaset DE310,Gigaset DE410,Gigaset DE700IP,Gigaset DE900IP

Gigaset: BT200, BT201 BT101,102 , GXV3000,GXV3005,DX800A,C610IP,C620H, GXP2000( rev1&2)

Grandstream: GXP1200,GXP1400,GXP2020, GXP2100,GXP2110,GXP2120,GXP2124,

Grandstream:GXV3175, GXV3140, GXP2000 Version3&4


Inter-Tel 8520, 8560, 8600, 8620, 8660,8662, 8690,Encore ECX 1000 and ECX 2000

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Mitel 4110

Mobilephone: Iphone, HTC,Motorola

NEC Dterm Series E
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DTU-8D, DTU-16, DTU-16D, DTU32,DTU-32D,DTH-8, DTH-8D, DTH16,
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DSX Series, ETJ Series, ETZ Series, DSX Phone

NEC SL 1000

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M3905,M5208, M5209, M5216, M5317,M8001, M8003,T7316, T7316E,
M7310, M7208,M7308, M7316, M7324, M7900,M2216, Nortel SL100 model
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Packet8 Phone Models6753i, 6755i, 6757i

Panasonic Phone Models:KX-NT136, KX-NT343, KX-NT346,KX-NT366 ,KX-T 7603, KX-T 7625,KX-T 7630, KX-T 7633, KX-T 7636,KX-T 7730, KX-T 7735

Polycom :
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Kirk3040, SoundPoint IP320,321,330,331, Pro SE220,SE-225

ShorePhone IP models:IP100, IP212K, IP230,IP265, IP530, IP560, IP565

Siemens Optiset E Advance,
Optiset Advance Plus + Headset Adapter, Comfort 300E + Headset Adapter, Comfort F300E, Optipoint 410 Advance, Optipoint 410 Standard, Optipoint 420 Advance,
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Snom 300

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Phone Models: Strata CIX,DP5022-SD, DP5023-SD, DP5018-S, DP5000series,DKT 3001, 3010S, 3020S, 3020SD,3014SDL DK:D4000 ACD Console,DKT2010,2020, DKT1010, 1020SD

Talkswitch PhoneTS-600

Uniden FP099 FP103 FP105


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Mairdi contact center headset MRD-308DS, Double earpiece, gooseneck Mic boom

Mairdi contact center headset MRD-308DS, Double earpiece, gooseneck Mic boom

Mairdi contact center headset MRD-308DS, Double earpiece, gooseneck Mic boom

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