AVM FritzBox Fon WLAN 7050


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AVM FritzBox Fon WLAN 7050

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Availability: The 7050 has been replaced by the AVM 7140.

The FRITZ!Box Fon 7050 brings your PCs to the Internet with lightning-fast DSL-speeds - over Ethernet, USB or wireless via WLAN. Simple to operate and highly secure from the start. The wireless portion 125MBit/s-WLAN-interface from the web with individual password protection, thus wireless communications are always protected through a Firewall, starting as soon as it is activated.

The Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7050 includes an integrated ADSL modem, a full-featured router, 2 phone ports for VoIP and a fully functional PSTN port (analogue/ISDN).

With the integrated ADSL/ADSL2+-Modem the FRITZ!Box Fon 7050 can connect to both DSL connections and to cable - or the modem can be also switched off to operate as a VoIP router.

With the FRITZ!Box Fon 7050 calling over the Internet is finally very easy, the way it should be: attach your existing phone, lift the handset, call! You can call with Voice over IP through the Internet without switching on your PC. Also you can use your existing phone with the Fritz!box: calls are passed to and from the integrated telephones ports. Additional functions and features are easy to learn and use due to simple and easy instructions and automated installation software.

Additionally, this model FRITZ!Box allows configurations between ISDN, pstn and VoIP lines and uses the high-security WPA2 encryption (under the 802.11i standard) and can allow you to create a network that is "unbreakable by any known technique" - AVM.

Main Features and Functions include:

  • DSL-Router and Telephone device
  • Calling over VoIP, ISDN or analogue landlines
  • Port for 3 analogue-devices
  • Integrated Modem, supports DSL and ADSL2+
  • Intelligent Broadband management for perfect call quality
  • WLAN Access Point with IEEE 802.11b and g
  • WLAN encryption using WEP-64, WEP-128 or WPA (WPA-PSK with TKIP)
  • Bring more PCs from your network online
  • USB connection

Technical Features

  • VoIP-Telephone device for calling and surfing over DSL
  • Connection to DSL 2x LAN-ports (Standard-Ethernet, 10/100 Base-T)
  • USB-port
  • WLAN Access Point
  • S0-NT-port
  • Conformance with SIP RFC 3261
  • Register up to 10 Internet-phone numbers (SIP-Accounts)
  • Up to 3 ports for analogue telephones, Fax and answering machines

The FRITZ!Box Fon 7050 supports ISDN in two ways: Both ISDN telephone connections and ISDN terminals (telephones, telephone systems) can be attached. So a existing telephone system can be extended with little problem. This function is currently exclusive to AVM products.

FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7050 Contents:

  • VoIP PBX system for telephony and wireless ADSL web surfing with WLAN
  • Integrated ADSL modem with router capability to connect multiple PCs
  • 4 m ADSL cable to connect to splitter; RJ45 plug
  • 4 m cable for ISDN or analog phone line
  • 1.5 m LAN cable
  • 1.5 m USB cable
  • RJ45-RJ11 adapter to connect to analog phone line
  • RJ45-RJ11 adapter to connect to DSL line
  • External power supply
  • CD-ROM with installation, application software, and user manual
  • Printed installation manual

This product has been discontinued.

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AVM FritzBox Fon WLAN 7050

AVM FritzBox Fon WLAN 7050

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