AVM B1 ISDN Controller


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AVM B1 ISDN Controller

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The new AVM ISDN-Controller B1 PCI v4.0 sets new standards for basic-rate ISDN in professional server and workstation applications. Equipped with a high-performance, 50-MIPS StrongT processor, a completely new development by AVM, the ISDN-Controller B1 PCI v4.0 provides a CAPI 2.0 interface for a great number of current operating systems, and features universal compatibility through support for numerous D and B-channel protocols, including Group 3 fax. The active design and the use of bus-mastering DMA ensure a minimal load on the host system and maximum reliability.

Technical specifications

  • ISDN plug-in adapter for the PCI bus (PCI 2.1)
  • For BRI lines and PBX extensions (S0 interface)
  • Multitasking StrongT RISC-Processor (50 MIPS at 50 MHz)
  • 1 MB of fast static RAM on board
  • PCI bus-mastering DMA
  • Throughput of 2 x 64 kbit/s and 1 x 16 kbit/s
  • Supported operating systems: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, XP 64Bit Edition, 2000/NT/Me/98/95/3.x, Novell NetWare 6.x/5.x/4.x./3.12, Linux, OS/2, DOS
  • Loadable D-channel protocols DSS1, 1TR6, NI-1, 5ESS, and B-channel protocols X.75, T.30, T.70NL, T.90, X.31, V.110, V.120, and more
  • Group 3 fax integrated in the Controller (send at up to 14,400 bit/s per V.17; receive at up to 9600 bit/s per V.29, on both B-channels simultaneously); incl. two-dimensional MR/MMR compression and ECM (Error Correction Mode)
  • Also available: fax polling, DTMF, GSM and support for CAPI 1.1 applications
  • OEM B channel software also loadable
  • Standardized applications interface Common ISDN API (CAPI) 2.0
  • Full backward compatibility with B1 family hardware and driver software
  • Short card: about 146 x 120 mm; power consumption: about 2 watts
  • Install up to four Controllers in one PC, even in mixed configurations with the AVM ISDN-Controller B1 PCI; B1 v1.3, v2.0, v3.0; B1 PCMCIA and B1 USB
  • CE certification, conformance with the R" "TTE Directive (1999/5/EEC)

This product has been discontinued.

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AVM B1 ISDN Controller

AVM B1 ISDN Controller

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