Rhino Modular Channel Bank FXS Module


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Rhino Modular Channel Bank FXS Module

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This item has been discontinued.


Please note: The Rhino Modular Channel Bank FXS Module has been discontinued. Please see the Sangoma Asterisk Cards for an alternative product. 

FXS Module for the Modular Chassis which takes up to 6 4-port FXO or FXS modules in any combination. Providing reliable, flexible, and leading-edge solutions for a demanding industry Managing your telecommunication needs has never been easier than with Rhino products. Rhino satisfies the needs of any T1channel bank application, no matter how stringent the requirement.

Unique Rhino features like real-time T1 status on our four line by 40 character (4x40) LCD display, or automatic, hands-off configuration utilizing artificial intelligence software, and the crystal clear audio quality proves that Rhino products are in a top class of their own.

Knowing that the Rhino is ready to out perform means that you can spend more time developing important customer relationships. Rhino Equipment Corp. offers you a complete line of low cost T1channel banks including FXS, FXO, or mixed mode FXS/FXO analogue interfaces.

As a bonus, every system comes with our standard fractional V.35 data port. Add the Rhino modular, internal power supply system to the list and Rhino crushes the competition. Rhino products are tough. In the rare case of trouble, our technical support staff is ready to give you the support you need, when you need it. Our 5-year, limited warranty means that you can be confident that Rhino will always work hard in your T1 application.

This product has been discontinued.

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Rhino Modular Channel Bank FXS Module

Rhino Modular Channel Bank FXS Module

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