Hitachi Wireless IP 5000

The Hitachi Wireless IP 5000 has been replaced by the UniData WPU7700. Find out more about this handsets advantages and make the switch.

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Hitachi Wireless IP 5000

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Brand Hitachi
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The Hitachi IP 5000 has been replaced by the UniData WPU7700

Painlessly introduce wireless IP phones using your existing LAN, and watch the efficiency of your office communications soar.

WirelessIP5000 is an all-around wireless IP phone supporting the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is essential for multimedia communications. With flexible support for the latest IP-PBX systems and existing PBX systems, including IP-Centrex offered by telecommunications service providers, you can painlessly and flexibly introduce the WirelessIP5000 making use of your existing office communications environment. Reduce communications costs, while at the same time greatly reducing the administrative cost and burden of your telephony equipment. Make your communications efficiency soar, both inside the company and out.

Office Telephone Issues

  • It is too expensive to change wiring/equipment, and the administrative burden is too great
  • You need to reduce communications costs for the Hitachi Wireless IP 5000
  • You want to leverage existing telephony equipment and networks
  • You want to stop double investment/administration for IT network and telephone lines
  • You™ve introduced IP phones, but are unable to answer calls because your people are often out of the office or in other parts of the building for the Hitachi Wireless IP 5000
  • You want to set up an IP telephony solution in the future

Implement a flexible wireless IP phone solution scaled to the size of your office and existing systems.

Inexpensively build an in-house wireless telephone system.
Improve the efficiency of in-house communications by moving your existing IP phone system to wireless. Easily support the move to an in-house IP phone system by introducing VoIP devices.
Use of wireless LAN (IP network) reduces capital investment.

Painlessly and inexpensively create an ubiquitous network supporting the diverse process requirements and system environments of your business.

Wireless IP 5000 provides unrivaled scalability capable of supporting all types of system environments and telephony requirements.
From an office primarily using analog phones to a leading-edge office that has introduced IP-PBX and migrated largely to VoIP, WirelessIP5000 flexibly supports a wide range of user environments. Create a truly ubiquitous network for all your business situations.

Prevent information leaks through security-aware services

The Wireless IP 5000 is equipped with powerful security features conforming to such standards as WEP (64/128/256) and IEEE 802.IX (MD5/EAP-TLS), in order to prevent information leaks in a wireless LAN environment. Authentication via 802.IX (EAP-TLS) achieves secure communications using electronic certificates issued by VeriSign Japan. Communications encryption and prevention of terminal spoofing allows you to access communications comfortably and securely in any environment. Support for WPA, PEAP, and SecureRTP is also planned.

Support for Dynamic Network Binding (DNB) Feature

Support is available in keeping with your network environment, from environments that use Wireless IP 5000 exclusively, to locations in which wireless LAN access points from multiple networking environments are installed. This is called dynamic network binding (DNB).

Offering a new communications environment using SIP and IEEE 802.11b, with an open concept only possible with wireless IP phones.

Support for 802.11b allows you to leverage your existing wireless LAN equipment

This wireless IP phone is 802.11b-compliant, allowing you to leverage your existing wireless LAN environment.

Quickly assess your interlocutor''s status with the Presence feature

Use the Wireless IP5000''s Presence feature to quickly ascertain the situation of the people you communicate with (e.g. whether they are out of the office, in a meeting, or out of town on business). No longer must you call to find out, or head to their office to check.

Support for instant messaging

Support for instant messaging is available, enabling you to send and receive short messages in real time. Quickly send required information any time, without worrying about the other person''s availability for the Hitachi Wireless IP 5000.

Handy built-in site-scan feature

A built-in site scan feature enables you to measure signal strength. Use this information to find the best access point, and plan your access-point layout for the Hitachi Wireless IP 5000.

A wide range of features is offered through combination with PCs

Connect to your PC''s USB interface using an optional USB cable to recharge your WirelessIP5000''s battery. You can also edit the address book stored in your phone''s memory, or configure and upgrade your Wireless IP 5000.

Use the Ping feature to check communication latency

A Ping feature is provided in order to enable you to check whether you can connect to a given person''s network or terminal. Quickly perform network diagnostics and other administrative tasks.

Configure and view terminal information from a PC browser

Use a PC browser to configure or view the IP settings and other information from your Wireless IP 5000. More efficiently manage the terminals in your office.

SIP redundancy feature eliminates worry about the unexpected

Support for SIP redundancy is offered, enabling you to communicate via an SIP server installed at a branch office if your home-office SIP server should ever go down. Installing secondary SIP servers where appropriate ensures a secure communications path even in the presence of failure for the Hitachi Wireless IP 5000.

This product has been discontinued.

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Hitachi Wireless IP 5000

Hitachi Wireless IP 5000

The Hitachi Wireless IP 5000 has been replaced by the UniData WPU7700. Find out more about this handsets advantages and make the switch.

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