Linksys SPA962 IP Phone


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Linksys SPA962 IP Phone

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Linksys SPA962 IP Phone
Linksys SPA962 IP Phone
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Availability: Discontinued 

Please note that the Linksys SPA962 has been discontinued. We recommend the Cisco SPA504G as a good alternative.

A Highly Functional Business VoIP Phone.

The SPA962 VoIP Phone is a must for businesses using a Hosted IP telephony Service, an IP PBX, or a large scale IP Centrex deployment.

The SPA-962 utilizes Industry Leading VoIP Technology from Linksys to deliver a high quality IP Phone that is unparalleled in features, value, and support.

Up to Six Configurable Phone Lines!

Some of the many features on the SPA962 include six active lines, dual switched Ethernet ports, 802.3af PoE support and a high resolution colour display.

Each line can be independently configured to use a unique phone number (or extension), or can be configured to use a shared number that is assigned to multiple phones.


The SPA962 has been tested to ensure comprehensive interoperability with equipment in a VoIP infrastructure. With hundreds of features and configurable service parameters, the SPA962 addresses the requirements of traditional business whilst utilizing the advantages of IP Telephony.

Technical Data

Key features continued:

  • On-Hook Dialing
  • Call Pick Up - Selective and Group
  • Call Park and UnPark
  • Call Swap
  • Call Back on Busy
  • Call Blocking - Anonymous and Selective
  • Do Not Disturb (callers hear line busy tone)
  • URI (IP) Dialing Support (Vanity Numbers)
  • On Hook Default Audio Configuration (Speaker phone and Headset)
  • Multiple Ring Tones with Selectable Ring Tone per Line
  • Called Number with Directory Name Matching
  • Call Number using Name - Directory Matching or via Caller ID
  • Subsequent Incoming Calls with Calling Name and Number
  • Date and Time with Intelligent Daylight Savings Support
  • Call Duration and Start Time Stored in Call Logs
  • Call Timer
  • Call Forwarding - Unconditional, No Answer, On Busy
  • Hot Line and Warm Line Automatic Calling
  • Call Logs (60 entries each): Made, Answered,and Missed Calls
  • Redial from Call Logs
  • Personal Directory with Auto-dial (100 entries)
  • Name and Identity (Text) Displayed at Start Up
  • Distinctive Ringing Based on Calling and Called Number
  • Ten User Downloadable Ring Tones - Ring Tone Generator Free from
  • Speed Dialling
  • Configurable Dial/Numbering Plan Support - per Line
  • Intercom **
  • Group Paging **
  • DNS SRV and Multiple A Records for Proxy Lookup and Proxy Redundancy
  • Syslog, Debug, Report Generation, and Event Logging
  • Secure Call Encrypted Voice Communication Support - SIP over TLS, and SRTP
  • Built-in Web Server for Administration and Configuration with Multiple Security Levels
  • Automated Provisioning, Multiple Methods. Up to 256 Bit Encryption: (HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP)
  • Optionally Require Admin Password to Reset Unit to factory Defaults 413_Linksys_SPA962_IP_Phone1.jpg 413_Linksys_SPA962_IP_Phone2.jpg 413_Linksys_SPA962_IP_Phone3.jpg 413_Linksys_SPA962_IP_Phone4.jpg 7-ut7LiFyKs?fs=1 7-ut7LiFyKs?fs=1.1 7-ut7LiFyKs?fs=1.2 7-ut7LiFyKs?fs=1.3 7-ut7LiFyKs?fs=1.4 Accept Call Navigation.mp3 Accept Call Navigation.mp3.1 Accept Call Navigation.mp3.2 Agent Confirmation.mp3 Agent Confirmation.mp3.1 Agent Confirmation.mp3.2 Agent Login.mp3 Agent Login.mp3.1 Agent Login.mp3.2 Agent Login.mp3.3 Call Forward Cancelled.mp3 Call Forward Cancelled.mp3.1 Call Forward Cancelled.mp3.2 Call Forward Cancelled.mp3.3 default.css Directory Instructions.mp3 Enter Conference Number.mp3 Enter Conference Number.mp3.1 Enter Conference Number.mp3.2 fJDTWPviuo8?fs=1 fJDTWPviuo8?fs=1.1 fJDTWPviuo8?fs=1.2 fJDTWPviuo8?fs=1.3 fJDTWPviuo8?fs=1.4 FJQ2JwWQ_wg?fs=1 FJQ2JwWQ_wg?fs=1.1 Get Conference Number.mp3 Gl7z7PHxTac?fs=1 Gl7z7PHxTac?fs=1.1 Gl7z7PHxTac?fs=1.2 Gl7z7PHxTac?fs=1.3 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  • 320 x 240 True colour, Four inch, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Four Illuminated Call Appearance Line buttons with tricolour LED''s
  • LED Indicates Line State - Active, Idle, On-Hold, Unregistered
  • Line LED Configurable to 13 Different States (On/off, Colour, Flash)
  • Dedicated Illuminated buttons for -
  • Audio Mute On/off
  • Headset On/Off
  • Speaker phone On/Off
  • Four Soft Key Buttons
  • Four way Rocking Directional Knob for Menu Navigation
  • Support for up to two attendant Consoles; adds up to 64 programmable buttons
  • Voice Mail Message Waiting Indicator Light
  • Voice Mail retrieval button
  • Dedicated Hold
  • Settings button for Access to Feature, Set-up, and configuration Menus
  • Volume Control Rocking Up/Down Controls Handset, speaker, Ringer
  • Standard 12-Button Dialling Pad
  • Headset Jack - 2.5 millimetre
  • LED Test Function
  • Two Ethernet LAN Ports with Integrated Ethernet Switch - 100BaseT RJ-45
  • 802.3af Compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Optional 5 volt DC Universal (100-240 Volt) (ORDERED SEPARATELY)
  • Regulatory Compliance " " Security:
  • FCC, CE, Class B Canadian ICES-003, A-Tick Certification
  • Password Protected System, pre-set to factory default
  • Password Protected Access to Administrator and User level Features
  • HTTPS with Factory Installed Client Certificate
  • HTTP Digest - Encrypted Authentication via MD5 (RFC 1321)
  • Up to 256-bit Encryption


  • Quick-Start Installation and Configuration Guide
  • User Guide

Administration Guide Package contents:

  • 1 - SPA-962 IP Phone, Handset and Stand
  • 1 - Handset Cord
  • 1 - RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • 1 - Quick installation Guide


  • Dimensions: 8" x 7.63" x 7.50" (203 x 194 x 191 mm) W x H x D
  • Unit weight: 2.4lbs (1.088 kg)
  • Operating Temp: 41?~113?F (5?~45?C)
  • Storage Temp: 10~90% Non-Condensing
  • Storage Temp: 10-90% Non-Condensing
Linksys SPA Series VoIP Phone (SIP) Comparison Table
SPA Model
Voice Lines
Ethernet Ports
High Resolution Display
Power Over Ethernet
Mains Power Supply
Y Colour

This product has been discontinued.

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Linksys SPA962 IP Phone

Linksys SPA962 IP Phone

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