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KoonTech IP PBX Server KNTD-1200

The IP PBX Server is a network and telephony integrated switch that is a dedicated VoIP switch within the enterprise. The ip pbx server is usually equipped with the original Ip pbx server software.

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Ip pbx server KNTD-1200

The ip pbx server developed by us will place the ip pbx server hardware in a 482.6*340*44.5mm ferrous metal box. The ip pbx server software is written in the original ecological code, which is highly scalable and easy to maintain. The ip pbx server is based on the ip protocol, VoIP phone, sip intercomip intercom, can be registered to the ip pbx server for unified scheduling.People also often call ip pbx server as sip server.Host Standby N+1 redundancy System design

what does ip pbx stand for?

PBX (Private Branch eXchange) is simply a PBX, which is widely used in corporate offices, greatly improving the efficiency of business operations. With the development of the Internet and IP, some of its shortcomings have emerged: dedicated, expensive, and cannot simply implement CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) or VoIP. To solve these problems, the IP PBX appeared. IP PBX is based on the TCP/IP protocol and implements the functions of traditional PBX on Ethernet by using the packet switching principle.

What is the difference between PBX and PABX?

All are telephone exchanges, PBX = private branch (telephone) exchange. PABX (PBX) focuses on the comfort and ease of use of the system, such as: more intuitive operation settings interface, pick-up calls, transfer calls and other more complete extension operation functions. PBX (Program Control Switch) pays more attention to system management, hardware and software rigor and effectiveness, and supports related networking interfaces.

What is an IP PBX?

The full name of IP PBX is Internet protocol private branch exchange. IP PBX is different from the traditional analog telephone system. It is the IP PBX telephone system that USES voip communication terminals to make calls over the Internet. Can consist of an IP PBX server/sip servre based on IP PBX software and a number of IP protocol compliant telephones. Ip PBX has many other nicknames, such as Ip PBX system, Ip PBX telephone system,voip system, and so on


What is an ip pbx server?

Ip PBX serve is the core part of Ip PBX, which is equivalent to hosting all Ip phones by the proxy service provider. Ip PBX server/call server is a software-based telephone hosting server.

IP PBX advantages of using software-based IP PBX server?

IP PBX can be deployed in half a day using voip/IP PBX server hosted by software, without excessive hardware facilities occupying space, batch setting and low setting cost. Expandability is strong, media function is rich, call quality is good, can video, conference and other functions.

How to setup ip pbx/ip pbx system?

It's very simple. First we need to connect the server to the normal network by IP PBX server IP address.

Second, configure the IP PBX server.

Finally, connect the voip telephone to the server so that the IP PBX is set up.


For detailed setup arrangements, please read my blog: how to setup IP PBX system.

UC features for up to 1200 users




The KNTD-1200 IP PBX appliance is designed to bring leading edge voice, video, data, and  ability features to enterprises, small and medium businesses, retail and residential environments in an easy-to-manage fashion. This enterprise-grade on premise IP PBX supports E1, T1 and J1 networks and offers scalability by supporting up to 1200 users.  This secure and reliable IP PBX delivers unifed communication features at an unprecedented price point it hout any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees.Kntd-1200 integrates the leading functions of the industry and is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprises with convenient installation, stable operation and high cost performance.


KNTECH IP PABX Model Number  

 Register user  Simultaneous Calls  Model Number
 50 line  15 line  KNTD-50
 100 line  30 line  KNTD-100
 300 line  90 line  KNTD-300
 500 line  150 line  KNTD-500
 800 line  400 line  KNTD-800
 1000 line  300 line  KNTD-01K
 3000 line  900 line  KNTD-03K
 5000 line  1500 line  KNTD-05K

==>>>> Product Specification


KNTD-1200 IPPBX Enterprise - class unified communication system


Hardware interface

Network Interface

Using dual Gigabit interface (10/100 / 1000M Ethernet adaptive) and integrated POE (IEEE 802.3at-2009)

The third Gigabit port for the hot backup cluster

NAT router

Support (user configuration)

Reset switch

Support, Web configuration

Audio / video capability

Speech algorithm

Support fax tone detection and automatic switching G.711, 7.29, 7.23, 7.26 encoding


G.711 A-law / U-law, G.722, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A / B, AAL2-G.726-32

Video coding

H.264, H.263, H263 +


Layer 3 QoS, Layer 2 QoS

Signaling protocol

DTMF detection method

Support three, In Audio, RFC2833, SIP INFO

Digital signal

PRI, SS7, MFC / R2

Terminal management and automatic deployment capabilities

Support for SIP terminal plug-and-play auto-deployment (including DHCP Option 66 / multicast SIP SUBSCRIBE / MDNS Automatic detection and configuration), support TFTP / HTTP / HTTPS upgrade, local upgrade

Network protocol


PSTN disconnection method

Support the PSTN line intelligent detection and automatic matching function, support five kinds of signaling detection methods (1, Busy Tone detection, 2, CPT detection, 3, polarity reversal detection, 4, Hook Flash Timing detection, 5, Loop Current Disconnect detection )


Media encryption


Advanced defense

Fail2ban, Alert events, whitelists, blacklists, encrypted access controls

Physical characteristics

Global universal power supply

Input: 100 ~ ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz;


Equipment weight: 2.165 Kg; Package weight: 3.012 Kg

Use the environment

Operating environment: 32 - 113ºF / 0 ~ 45ºC, humidity 10 - 90% (No condensation)
Storage environment: 14 - 140ºF /  - 10 ~ ~ 60ºC, humidity 10 - 90% (No condensation)


440mm (L) x 185mm (W) x 44mm (H) IU standard


Desktop or cabinet installation

Additional features

Multi-language support

Web user interface supports English / Simplified Chinese, customizable IVR / voice prompts in English, Chinese, english English

Caller ID detection


Polarity reversal / Wink

Support, option on / off control call setup and termination

Call Center

Supports multiple call queues and queue queuing sounds

Customize Auto Attendant

Supports Layer 3 IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Concurrent call capability

Up to 5,000 SIP terminals can be registered, up to 500 concurrent calls

Meeting room capacity

Supports up to 10 voice conference rooms, up to 100 voice conference members

Call function

Call Park, Call Forward, Call Forward, Do Not Disturb, DISA, ring Group, Pickup Group, blacklist, call / intercom, etc.

  Host Standby N+1 redundancy System design

The voip server software web UI

==>>>>Telephone System

Pbx server and ip pbx system

The entire ip pbx system is equipped with an ip pbx server according to the number of terminal phones, and the ip pbx system is applied to the highway emergency communication system and the subway emergency call system to better manage the entire communication system and improve work efficiency.

==>>>>Product Application

server and ip pbx system composition

   The system built on IP PBX server is widely used in industry, and its rich functional form is suitable for enterprise office, voice call center, voice intercom function and so on. The system built based on IP PBX is rich in functions and can be customized according to the attribute requirements of different industries to meet the needs of enterprises, and then to achieve the satisfaction of the end customers.

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

pbx server detailed


==>>>>Product Video

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KoonTech IP PBX Server KNTD-1200

KoonTech IP PBX Server KNTD-1200

The IP PBX Server is a network and telephony integrated switch that is a dedicated VoIP switch within the enterprise. The ip pbx server is usually equipped with the original Ip pbx server software.

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