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KoonTech SIP Server KNTD-300

The sip server may be a server hosted by a sip phone and may be a core a part of the ip telephone pbx system.The server and voip telephoen pbx systems usually used for intra-enterprise communications. It can also be used in large telephone dispatching systems, such as industrial intercom systems, and subway rides.

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SIP Server KNTD-300

The SIP server is the main component of the IP PBX and is responsible for establishing all SIP phone calls in the network. It is also called a SIP proxy server or a registration server. Normally, the server does not participate in the media processing process. In SIP networks, media generally always adopts end-to-end negotiation processing. In some special cases or business processes, such as Music On Hold, the server will also actively participate in media negotiation. A simple SIP server is only responsible for session establishment, maintenance, and cleanup, but with multiple interfering calls. The relatively complex server, also known as SIP PBX, not only provides support for basic calls and basic sessions, but also provides rich services such as Presence, Find-me, Music On Hold, and so on. Most servers are based on the Linux platform, and the typical representatives are: Kamailio, OpenSER, sipXecx, etc. There are also some  servers based on the Windows [2] platform, typically represented by: miniSipServer, Brekeke, etc.

UC features for up to 300 users


Our sip server supports up to 300 sip telephones at the same time, which means you can manage up to 300 phones in a single phone system.This secure and reliable IP PBX delivers unifed communication features at an unprecedented price point it hout any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees.The IP PBX system supports holding teleconference, and several meeting Bridges can be held at the same time. Inside or outside line Numbers can be invited during the meeting, and the meeting room can be recorded all the way.

How does the sip server work?

The Sip server is the main component of ip pbx and is responsible for establishing all sip phone calls on the network.Normally, the server does not participate in the media processing. Throughout the ip pbx, media is always handled in an end-to-end negotiation. It provided by KNTECH is responsible for session establishment, maintenance, and cleaning. It not only provides basic calls, basic session support, but also provides rich media functions such as queue, broadcast, and multi-party calls.

On which tcp / udp port does the server running the sip protocol listen for unsecure communication?

The default port number of the Sip protocol is 5060, which belongs to the udp protocol.
The 5060 registered port of the SIP can be modified to other unoccupied UDP ports. In particular, accessing the server through the public network and modifying the default port number can improve the security of the system.
Servers running the sip protocol can accept unsecure or secure connections. Secure connection, mutual TLS is used with SIP and RTP communication.
By default, the sip server listens for insecure communication on the 5060 TCP port.
Listen for secure communication on port 5061.

What is a proxy server?

SIP sessions use up to four main components: SIP User Agent, SIP Registration Server, SIP Proxy Server, and SIP Redirect Server. These systems complete SIP sessions by transmitting messages that include the SDP protocol (which defines the content and characteristics of the message). SIP User Agents (UAs) are end-user devices, such as mobile phones, multimedia handheld devices, PCs, PDAs, etc., used to create and manage sip sessions. The user agent client sends a message. The user proxy server responds to the message.

What is SIP?

Sip stands for session initiation protocol and is mainly used in VOIP but it is not a Voip protocol. Sip is an application layer protocol. Sip mainly replaces traditional signal carriers through the Internet for language and video functions. The sip protocol is an Internet-based text protocol, so it has more powerful functions, such as text transmission and multi-party conferencing.

What is sip server?

Sip server can be combined with voip gateway, sip phone into ip pbx.It also called sip proxy, sip proxy server, mainly used for call processing in ippbx as a telephone, managing call setup, disconnection and control between sip phones routing. The server usually has basic functions such as proxy, redirection, registration, etc. The sip proxy server usually forwards the request and response received by one UA or another proxy to another proxy. SIP redirect server responds to sip request, but does not Request to transfer to another user. Sip registration server, you can register the sip phone to the server and record the information of the sip phone. Sip server software integrates these three functions into one software and is processed by one server.

What Does sip server Do?

1. Establish a session between two or more endpoints (multiple conference rooms use multiple points, sessions include voice and video)

2. Perform data transmission of text, voice and video.

3. Transfer the session

4. Create multiple users for free

5. Free calls

6.Web-style interface management


7. Terminate the session

KNTECH IP PABX Model Number  simultaneous calls


 Register user  Simultaneous Calls  Model Number
 50 line  15 line  KNTD-50
 100 line  30 line  KNTD-100
 300 line  90 line  KNTD-300
 500 line  150 line  KNTD-500
 800 line  400 line  KNTD-800
 1000 line  300 line  KNTD-01K
 3000 line  900 line  KNTD-03K
 5000 line  1500 line  KNTD-05K

==>>>> Product Specification


KNTD-300 IPPBX Enterprise - class unified communication system


Hardware interface

Network Interface

Using dual Gigabit interface (10/100 / 1000M Ethernet adaptive) and integrated POE (IEEE 802.3at-2009)

The third Gigabit port for the hot backup cluster

NAT router

Support (user configuration)

Reset switch

Support, Web configuration

Audio / video capability

Speech algorithm

Support fax tone detection and automatic switching G.711, 7.29, 7.23, 7.26 encoding


G.711 A-law / U-law, G.722, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A / B, AAL2-G.726-32

Video coding

H.264, H.263, H263 +


Layer 3 QoS, Layer 2 QoS

Signaling protocol

DTMF detection method

Support three, In Audio, RFC2833, SIP INFO

Digital signal

PRI, SS7, MFC / R2

Terminal management and automatic deployment capabilities

Support for SIP terminal plug-and-play auto-deployment (including DHCP Option 66 / multicast SIP SUBSCRIBE / MDNS Automatic detection and configuration), support TFTP / HTTP / HTTPS upgrade, local upgrade

Network protocol


PSTN disconnection method

Support the PSTN line intelligent detection and automatic matching function, support five kinds of signaling detection methods (1, Busy Tone detection, 2, CPT detection, 3, polarity reversal detection, 4, Hook Flash Timing detection, 5, Loop Current Disconnect detection )


Media encryption


Advanced defense

Fail2ban, Alert events, whitelists, blacklists, encrypted access controls

Physical characteristics

Global universal power supply

Input: 100 ~ ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz;


Equipment weight: 2.165 Kg; Package weight: 3.012 Kg

Use the environment

Operating environment: 32 - 113ºF / 0 ~ 45ºC, humidity 10 - 90% (No condensation)
Storage environment: 14 - 140ºF /  - 10 ~ ~ 60ºC, humidity 10 - 90% (No condensation)


440mm (L) x 185mm (W) x 44mm (H) IU standard


Desktop or cabinet installation

Additional features

Multi-language support

Web user interface supports English / Simplified Chinese, customizable IVR / voice prompts in English, Chinese, english English

Caller ID detection


Polarity reversal / Wink

Support, option on / off control call setup and termination

Call Center

Supports multiple call queues and queue queuing sounds

Customize Auto Attendant

Supports Layer 3 IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Concurrent call capability

Up to 5,000 SIP terminals can be registered, up to 500 concurrent calls

Meeting room capacity

Supports up to 10 voice conference rooms, up to 100 voice conference members

Call function

Call Park, Call Forward, Call Forward, Do Not Disturb, DISA, ring Group, Pickup Group, blacklist, call / intercom, etc.

The voip server software web UI

==>>>>Telephone System

Highway IP Emergency Dispatching Scheme


==>>>>Product Application

SIP Server Application

     The system built on server is widely used in industry, and its rich functional form is suitable for enterprise office, voice call center, voice intercom function and so on.

==>>>>Product Detailed Pictures

Sip Server more detail

The voip server exterior

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KoonTech SIP Server KNTD-300

KoonTech SIP Server KNTD-300

The sip server may be a server hosted by a sip phone and may be a core a part of the ip telephone pbx system.The server and voip telephoen pbx systems usually used for intra-enterprise communications. It can also be used in large telephone dispatching systems, such as industrial intercom systems, and subway rides.

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