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Epygi Quadro E1 / T1 Gateway


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Epygi Quadro E1 / T1 Gateway

Epygi Quadro E1 / T1 Gateway
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This item has been discontinued.

Please note that this product has been discontinued. For an alternative we recommend the Epygi IP PBX selection

Your business already owns its own PBX, but now you want to move into the World of IP telephony for its higher performance and lower cost. Look to the QuadroE1/T1 and move quickly to Voice over IP. The QuadroE1/T1 VoIP gateway completely unites both PSTN and VoIP technologies, even in legacy equipment configurations. Just install the QuadroE1/T1 gateway between your Internet access router and your existing PBX to start making IP phone calls anywhere in the world.

In addition, the QuadroE1/T1 can connect to a PSTN service provider via E1/T1 to provide access and virtual local phone numbers to foreign users. Of course, the QuadroE1/T1 may be connected directly either to the Main Office via E1/T1 trunk and to the Internet using its integrated access router.

It''s Flexible

If the QuadroE1/T1 is communicating with another Quadro device or IP phone on the far-end, the calls will be nearly free. If you connect to a VoIP service provider, you can make long-distance calls to any phone number on the public phone network for a fraction of the regular cost.

The QuadroE1/T1 combines the cost-reducin benefits of IP telephony with the ubiquity of the PSTN, which opens many scenarios for free phone calls. Connect PBXs of geographically disperse departments of a company wherever they are in the world over IP. Free calls between the departments can quickly increase communication and effectiveness.

Since the QuadroE1/T1 contains call routing information, employees who are out of the office can still be reached automatically. The world becomes your virtual office. In addition, a pair of QuadroE1/T1 units can be deployed to provide virtual local numbers to parties anywhere in the world. Communication has never been so flexible.

This product has been discontinued.

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Epygi Quadro E1 / T1 Gateway

Epygi Quadro E1 / T1 Gateway

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