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Epygi Quadro 4xa

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Quadro IP extension:
Please note that this product has been discontinued. For an alternative we recommend the Epygi IP PBX selection

The Quadro4a is the fully-featured IP PBX for small businesses that prefer ADSL as their uplink connectivity. Connected by two FXO lines to the PSTN and over ADSL to the Internet, the Quadro4xa provides up to 70 physical and virtual extensions to make up to 20 calls in parallel.

Besides four FXS phones, up to 16 fully-featured SIP phones may be attached to Quadro4xa''s LAN port. In addition, all SIP extensions assigned to a line may be mirrored and act as remote IP extensions. Wherever you are, calls will reach you, and you will be able to make calls as if you were in your office.

Fully-Featured IP PBX

The Quadro4xa offers a multitude of features including extensive PBX functionality, integrated voicemail, cost saving call routing functionality, IP routing, SIP and H.323 call signaling and much more.

Integrated Internet Access Router

The Quadro4xa IP PBX embodies a fully-fledged Internet access router with fi rewall security, including IDS, NAT, policy and service based filtering as well as stateful inspection. An extensive IPSec VPN functionality with DES and 3DES encryption makes an additional contribution to data security.

VoIP Carriers

The Quadro4xa IP PBX is easily applicable for VoIP Carriers as well as small businesses. For VoIP carriers, a special wizard has been implemented that facilitates the configuration of Quadro4xa to work according to individual requirements.

This product has been discontinued.

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Epygi Quadro 4xa

Epygi Quadro 4xa

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